Broad-­shouldered and tall, a competitive athlete in high school and college, he naturally transmits his physical presence to his words, imbuing them with gravity even when he is joking. Would Rafe? That rarely happens. I protested again. Kayla napped in her cool room under the mosquito netting that made everything look shrouded in smoke. “It’s supposed to be very good.”. Outside was nicer. The Nanny: A young woman (and former nanny) is hiding from the paparazzi after her affair with an actor is discovered. “Can you just—” Jessica gestured, and Kayla took over, gentling the latch, trying not to tug so the sweater wouldn’t stretch. An interview in Playboy, too, though apparently they were no longer shooting nudes. Was it the job that brought you East? His debut, For the Sleepwalkers, published in 1981 when he was thirty-one, won the Lavan Younger Poets Award. She scratched her right ankle, lightly. Met buitengewoon inzicht en scherpte toont ze alledaagse misverstanden met perverse, gewelddadige en levensveranderende gevolgen. He was scrubbed to a pink gleam, the short sleeves of his golf shirt hanging past his elbows. Emma Cline Sort By Genre. “Why don’t you go swim in the pool at the hotel? Cline is echt heel goed. “Of course,” Mary said, and hesitated, probably gathering herself to dispense some sober wisdom, some ex-junkie psalm. He wanted to leave. She pulled a ziplock from her backpack, and shook out a Sonata, nibbling off a bitter shard. Did Mary want to say something else? I was fixed to my chair. He was writing the breakthrough poems of his second book, Lucky Life. They ran the scene again. Through the course of the story we learn she wasn’t smart enough. Kayla had been offered a TV interview. Before he ate lunch, Henry got fish oil gummies in the shape of stars. Where classic films are very much alive! Kayla watched Dennis approach in the Volvo—he would have had to inch through the photographers at the main entrance. He widened his eyes, about to say something, then seemed to soften. “Hi, you,” she’d said, going to kiss him, and he fumbled, kissing her back with tight lips. Kayla could smell the earth cooling, the clumpy chaparral that rimmed the pool, the sound of a fountain she couldn’t see. She seemed like a very unwilling reader, but the poem is spectacular. But how can I talk about the story then? Kayla was getting tired. Professor Hunnison, she thought miserably, do you ever think of me? She knew Rafe didn’t want her to make a scene. The security cameras were recording her getting into Dennis’s car. Kayla settled into one of the chairs under a temporary awning outside a trailer. “I think I should rest for a while.”. ( Log Out /  Evidently Kayla is hiding out because she’s become notorious on the internet with a famous person named Rafe. She hadn’t been smart enough, really. Was it fair of Cline to hide Kayla’s faults from us? She was waiting for them to shoot the opening sequence. Emma Cline has been unable to write the next book. He seemed to like the book, though the ending surprised her; she had not remembered that the old man died so violently, that the orphan grew up and was not very happy. “You’re sweet.”. Chartres!—all that was gone. Rafe had once pulled the crotch of that one-piece to the side to stick a blunt finger inside her. When we sat down, he said that we had both written poems about salt. hold a mirror up to life.....are there layers you can see? At first I wondered if this was going to be a #MeToo story, but it’s not. Mary’s son was with his dad for the school break, and Mary had obviously tried to make the room nice: she left Kayla a stack of fresh towels, a little wrapped hotel soap, The Best American Essays 1993 on the nightstand. She smiled from the bed. She smiled out to the nothingness, the empty horizon. No, I had just started graduate school in the folklore program at the University of Pennsylvania. The silence was fine. It must have been the third time, the time with the swimsuit. Must be cheerful, enthusiastic and selfless--bordering on masochistic. If she were just sunburned, it would be fine, but it was sores, too, these raised red bites. Kayla lay on the neatly made bed. The point of “The Nanny” is to create a psychological portrait of Kayla, but is that what readers want from short stories? Visit our store to buy archival issues of the magazine, prints, T-shirts, and accessories. The room was empty. She flipped through it: the kid appeared to go to the kind of school where everyone learned to knit in lieu of taking prescription amphetamines. It was followed by 1986’s National Book Critics Circle Award–­winning Wild Gratitude. I wrote the earliest poem in For the Sleepwalkers in 1975, when I was twenty-five, and the last poem in 1980, when I was thirty. The National Book Foundation noted, “Gabriel enters the broad stream of human grief and raises in us the strange hope, even consolation, that we find in the writer’s act of witnessing and transformation.” When I asked Hirsch to identify a common underc­urrent in all his books, he said, after some thought, “Human suffering.” But grief is not his only register—the elegies that weave his collections are complemented by love poems, poems informed by history and politics, and poems after art and artists. Was she imagining his curtness? The wildness of the backyard made everything beyond it look fake: the city skyline, the stars. “I feel bad. Her body would go. There isn’t much in the house,” Mary said. “You have to remember,” he said, “this was Iowa, in January.” It was before she had read all the articles—and Rafe told the story so haltingly, she’d assumed it was some kind of secret, something precious mined up from his psychic depths. Her stories have been published in The New Yorker, Tin House, Granta and The Paris Review. This makes “The Nanny” an important story to study because we know Cline has the knack for attracting readers. Finally Finished War and Peace – But Do I Recommend It? “I don’t know,” Kayla said. The dress was a nice fabric, a sort of linen and silk blend, the color of asphalt—she fingered the fabric, idly, where it draped across her knees. Would Jessica watch this footage? Sophie crouched but didn’t sit. A certain pair of jeans she loved was not, she saw, as flattering as she’d imagined it to be. A split-second reprieve where she could believe that perhaps the forces in the universe were aligning and aiming something from Rafe in her direction. Kayla shook her head. People only ever “invited” Rafe to do the things he was supposed to do. Her sunburn made her skin feel tight. But how could Kayla explain? I told him that I had a lot of ideas about teaching poetry and he should ask me about them. And even more than that, why do people read short stories. She came across a new photo—she looked only okay. “Wait,” she said, and ran to turn off the overhead light. Menu: The Best American Short Stories 2020 Project. But I’ve had a few transformative experiences and so I keep coming back for more. She wasn’t good at anything. After eating, they lay in the sun in silence, Henry still in his swim trunks, Kayla in her carefully sexless one-piece. ( Log Out /  Hillary Kelly from the Los Angeles Times, in a recent interview with Emma Cline about Cline's book of short stories "Daddy," observed that many of Cline's stories present "young women too often subject to — and sometimes complicit in — acts to which they don’t fully consent, or romance narratives they don’t create." In the hallway, she passed someone dumping the dregs of their drink into a potted plant. When I was in graduate school, I heard Elizabeth Bishop read “The Moose” at Bryn Mawr. He kept looking at the doorway. Had she heard the news? Most readings just make me slink farther and farther down in my seat. I’ve even studied it in college. // Our theme song is composed by David Cieri. Because that part was true, anyway, she had gotten careless about texting Rafe, toward the end, and even if he rarely texted her back, Jessica would have seen right away what was happening. He was, after all, a good actor. Kayla knew Sophie would hold it there until she said something. She was bent close to Jessica’s face: her skin lightly tanned, her hair almost the same color, all her features so tiny and symmetrical that Kayla could hardly look away, absorbed in the seamlessness of Jessica’s beauty. He held it out to her, wrapped in a napkin. It was nice. Everything he did was slow. Best to parcel them out, save some for later. In the afternoons, when the housekeeper was gone and Henry was at school, the air seemed to go slack. She searched Rafe’s name, searched her own. Mary seemed taken aback, and Kayla took the opportunity to pick up her beer, her phone, to walk past Mary and make her way to the bedroom. Person. Rafe in his button-down and jeans, surrounded by women and children. They were actually alone only once. “I even have to wear it at school.”. Customers fumed and departed. He’d had a piece of food in his teeth at dinner once—the sight had given her an almost erotic discomfort until Jessica finally reached over and flicked it away. Kayla sat cross-legged, her glass cradled in her lap. In this case, I think it was exaggerated to deliberately present Kayla initially with no information – a sort of paparazzi/tabloid approach, in which people only know that she was the nanny in bed with the dad. This is really literary fiction of the finest in 2020. Must love getting thrown up on, literally and figuratively, … That was between them always, the pretended unknowing. Cline gets down to business in the next hunk of description: We really don’t know what’s happening. After they’d arrived, Rafe had barely looked at her. Her face. Even though I’m about to nitpick another story, I must reiterate that all these stories are well written and entertaining. He seemed pleased by his ingenuity. Later she read the story about Hamlet almost word for word in many different interviews. At a dinner for the cast, he’d pinched her nipples, hard, in the back hallway of the restaurant, his breath fumy with the local beer, flavored with kola nuts and wormwood. People had an animal instinct for power, could sense that her usefulness was at its end. And “The accumulation of significant details is the key to great fiction” is the most important piece of advice I got at Clarion West in 2002, a six-weeks writing workshop. If you wait too long everyone just hates each other, they’re rushing through it. I can vividly picture this scene though. I hope it doesn’t, anyway. “They’re sweet people. Outside the window, beyond the hotel’s white walls, gasoline trucks made the rounds of the dirt streets. Sophie was moving the Barbies from shelf to shelf, whispering to herself. That was the obvious thing people were saying and it wasn’t as if Kayla didn’t also know that it was true, though she didn’t know why it made people so angry at her, so personally offended. “Come on, Kayla,” Dennis said, pulling the covers back. Her saying yes made Mary happy, and Dennis was beaming, too, when they piled into the car, even these minor plans animating him. This was only the director’s second movie. For reasons like this. “I’m fine.” Kayla made her voice excessively polite. He submitted himself to her with great patience. Ze ontving in 2014 de Plimpton Prize for Fiction van The Paris Review, dat verhalen en essays van haar hand publiceert. His gaze is concentrated and powerful. “Dennis, do we have any beer? Met buitengewoon inzicht en scherpte toont ze alledaagse misverstanden met perverse, gewelddadige en levensveranderende gevolgen. It was as if she’d once been fluent in another language, now forgotten. Net als in haar veelgeroemde debuutroman De meisjes verkent Emma Cline in deze verhalen de schaduwkant van de mens. She probably let her teenage son call her by her first name. Is that what you want? Then as we’re given info, how does that change the initial judgment. You are a very special person—never forget it!”. It was the first time Kayla had thought of it—of course there were people in the world who did not know or care about Rafe and Jessica. I’m gonna go. Bugs didn’t have anywhere else to be. I don’t like stories that withhold information from the reader to create suspense. 231 Winter 2019. She published her first novel, The Girls, in 2016, to positive reviews. Kayla sweated through her dress by the time she got to the set. Let’s just say that I’ve put in my ten thousand hours. In the end we are told the sad reality of Kayla’s dreams: Kayla lives in a society that admires people who create successful identities and she struggles to find anything at all to set herself apart. The latest news was that Rafe’s text messages were connected to the kid’s iPad, that’s how Jessica had found out, and it was amazing to imagine where this information came from, how these facts made their way to light. Rafe nodded at her but didn’t come over to say hi. She pressed a wet finger to the bag to pick up any residue, then gave up, swallowing the second half of the pill with the last sip of her beer. Haar debuut in 2016 was fenomenaal. Emma Cline is the author of The Girls and the story collection Daddy, coming September 2020The Girls and the story collection Daddy, coming September 2020 I wonder if Cline always saw Kayla’s faults and wrote the story thinking about them, and didn’t realize some readers might follow different assumptions before learning the truth? Kayla sat on the edge of Sophie’s bed. No one at the party paid her much attention. Everyone was older, busy with their own lives, with their kids who darted in and out, one wielding a plastic ukulele, another singing a counting song in French. In “The Nanny”, Kayla is exiled from her job with a wealthy actor’s family, after her affair with the husband is revealed. “Unless I give you the medicine.” Kayla heard Sophie fumble in the room, the sound of drawers and boxes. Kayla is hired by Rafe and Jessica to nanny their son Henry. She knew before they finished loading that there would be nothing. Would she ever? A script supervisor was doing a crossword on his phone. Since I don’t think I should spoil the story for you, I can’t tell you why Cline is doing this. Jessica touched the chain absently, smiled at her. Joe Pitkin's stories, queries, and quibbles regarding the human, the inhuman, the humanesque. She also just had a short story in The New Yorker this year. Her name was Dee Dee and all Kayla remembered was that she had a tendency to shower with the curtain open, that she picked at her face at the sink, leaving behind tiny shrapnel of pus on the mirror. Reception was awful this high in the canyon. He seemed to exist only in Mary’s orbit, the boyfriend harvesting lemons from the backyard to bring to the party. In the empty house, sometimes she felt as though she were a ghost floating through the world of the living. When she returned to the bedroom, sunscreen in hand, Rafe was absorbed by the television, his face blank, the bedcovers smooth, as if nothing had happened at all. Personally, I would have preferred to know the ending right up front, and then got to watch Kayla closely throughout the story to understand all the interactions of the characters. The hills were a dark mass, occasionally marked with houses. “’Cause I get claustrophobic.”, “Yeah,” Sophie whined through the mask. 6. De … That was strange, wasn’t it? Jessica had been kind to her. She said it silently to herself and her heart pounded faster. Emma Cline’s debut novel, The Girls, has taken the country by storm, easily becoming the most talked-about book of the year. “Up we go,” Dennis said. The book was shortlisted for the John Leonard Award from the National Book Critics Circle and the Center for Fiction's First Novel Prize. Sophie shrugged, an adult shrug, and started to stand. Kayla ate the spinach, took a few bites of crust.

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